25Aug 2014

Did you know? Americans throw away 26 billion pounds of shoes, textiles, and apparel every year. Instead of throwing money away, host a fundraiser and recycle your gently used shoes into fast cash!

30Aug 2014

As much as we all don’t like the words “back to school” and “fundraisers”, it is inevitable.  We can help your school  Boosters, music and clubs raise funds by paying you cash for used shoes and clothing. We have helped hundreds of Southern California schools with their no cost fundraiser.

10Sep 2014

We offer you a path to raise funds with no cost to your participants. You give us gently your used pairs of shoes and we give you cash for your cause.  Enter your contact information and we’ll get back to you with the rate and minimum requirements. Get started today!

16Sep 2014

  Get rid of the squeaky mouse! How about a fundraiser that involves no costs to the participants?  Cash4shooz will pay your organization cash for every pound of gently used pairs shoes you collect. It is simple too. Contact Cash4shooz to arrange your pick up date, collect, pair and bag the shoes.  Meet the minimum […]

26Sep 2014

Cash4shooz pays you cash to recycle your gently used shoes. We work with families, non-profits, schools and so forth. By recycling your shoes you can help our environment one pair at a time.  Americans throw out more textiles than any other country. Your donation will have an impact sea to sea.

13Oct 2014

The holidays are around the corner. We all know it is a season to give and receive.  We want to to help you raise funds for your local food banks this holiday season. So many families depend on your local food bank.  Contact us to find out how you can get started today.

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