Why Recycle

recycle-shoesRecycling is a pretty simple concept: take something you no longer find useful and pass it along for second hand use or make it into something new.

Believe it or not the Re-used/Recycled shoe and clothing industry is responsible for saving over 1 million tons of textiles from ending up in our land-fills each year. Over 72% of the world’s population uses second hand shoes and clothing, except here in the United States where an average American throws away about 70 pounds of clothing, shoes and other household textiles each year. Americans generate almost 13 million tons of textile waste per year. Brits generate about 1.12 million tons of textile waste a year.  Less than 11% of the textile waste the US creates annually.

Research shows that when recycling is compared to the production of new products, we can reduce our carbon footprint and CO2 emissions significantly. Less production reduces the need for raw materials resulting in reduced waste.

Your hand in the recycling world will help free our landfills of the millions of tons of textiles tossed each year, protect our environment and best of all, help others in developing nations create a self-sustaining enterprise.